Given the worlwide situation about Covid-19, the 6th Nereis Park conference is postponed in 2021!

This area is named Finistère = fin de la terre (end of land), what is a good place to gather people in order to have strong interactions during few days in Summer 2020.

The website and pre-registration for the 6th Nereis Park conference are now open:

2017 - The Fifth Nereis Park Conference “Biological modification of the seabed: biogeochemical and ecological processes in a changing world”

Link to the Conference Website

The conference took place at the Southampton Campus (Stony Brok University, NY, USA usa ) 8-11 August 2017. Abstracts book

Student conference awards:
Ian Dwyer Taking pictures of mud: bioturbation in action.
Erni Murniati Imaging bioirrigation using a novel lifetime-based laser induced fluorescence (TLIF) technique.
Ludovic Pascal Parasitism of engineer species: a key factor of marine ecosystem functioning?

Encouragements awards
Annabelle Dairain Parasite interference with bioturbation activity: a study of trace-metal remobilization.
Xiaoyu Fang Spatial and temporal variation in bioirrigation and bioturbation and relationships with environmental variables along the estuarine gradient of the Schelde estuary.
Kara Gadeken The effect of macrofaunal behavioral responses to a diurnal oxygen cycle on sediment metabolism.

2014 - The Fourth Nereis Park Conference

The conference took place at Plymouth Marine Laboratory (UK) 7-10 August 2014 - Abstract List Talks & Abstract List Posters

Student conference awards:
Best Student Talk
Viktor Baranov Does bioturbation of chironomids increase or decrease phosphorus release from lacustrine sediments?
Best Student Poster
Adélaïde Aschenbroich Investigating the changes in benthic macrofauna community structure and bioturbation during mudflat colonization by mangrove.

2011 - Third Nereis Park Conference "Benthic processes in a globally changing environment".

The conference took place at Sven Lovén Center-Kristineberg (Sweden) 29-31 August 2011 - Abstract book

Student conference awards:
Zeljko Jovanovic Linking oxygen dynamics and porewater transport in sediments inhabited by the invasive polychaete Marenzelleria viridis.
Anna Villnäs Impacts of increasing stress on benthic ecosystem functioning.
Matthieu Delefosse 4D visualisation and quantification of biologically driven advective flow.
Christina D. Pommer Does bottomtrawl fishery have an impact on the benthic fauna in Kattegat?

2008 - Second Nereis Park Conference "Bioturbation: An update on Darwin’s last idea"

The conference took place in August 2008 in Renesse (The Netherlands) - Conference program

Student conference awards:
Best PhD Talk
Gil Penha-Lopes Effects of domestic sewage dosing on epifaunal bioturbation in mangrove sediments.
Poster Award
Agnes Karlson Effects of bioturbation on benthic recruitment of Nodularia spumigena.
Best Visual Poster
Olivier Maire Indirect effects of non-lethal predation on sediment bioturbation.
Broad Impact Poster
Ines Heisterkamp Nitrous oxide emission by marine macrofauna.
Most Integrative Poster
Bjarte Hannisdal et al. Exploring the impact of bioturbation on seascape evolution using Sedflux-2.0.
Most Labour intensive Work
Bon Joo Koo et al. Complex Burrows of the mud shrimp Laomedia Astacina and their geochemical implications in the tidal sediments.

Link to the "The formation of vegetable mould, through the action of worms, with observations on their habits" by Darwin

2004 - First Nereis Park Conference "Bioturbation: The Ever Changing Seafloor"

The conference took place in November 2004 in Carry-le-Rouet (France) - Conference book

Student conference awards:
Best Poster
Aurelie Ciutat
Influence of cockle density and water current on sediment resuspension and the potential for release of contaminants.
Best Student Poster
Michael Townsend An experimental investigation into the relationship between bioturbator diversity and ecosystem function.
Honorable mention
Marie Gagnoud Axial tomodensitometry (Cat-scan): a non-destructive method enabling sedimentary facies analysis of glaciomarine mud. & Sally Marsh Measuring, mapping and modelling bioturbation and denitrification.
Most Courageous Poster
Karl Norling Importance of functional group biodiversity for mineralization of organic matter in two benthic ecosystems: the Baltic Sea and the Skagerrak.